Arras, France 12.01.2012

Today I decided I wanted to go somewhere special for dinner but i’m quite bored of Amsterdam and the scene, so we thought…why not drive across two countries and go and eat in Paris. It was already 4pm when we left Amsterdam and somewhere near the Belgian border I wondered to myself if getting to Paris on time was possible. The consolation would be the deserted roads of Paris at midnight which in itself would be worth all the hassle. 

 Terrifying statue in a church…I promise not to sin again, I swear!!!

Everything was going fine, we reached the Dutch Belgian border within 40 minutes and crossed the whole of Belgium within an hour. The problem was once we got to Lille in northern France we hit a mega traffic jam. It all got a bit confusing and by the time we were passing Arras it was late. We just thought, why not eat in Arras? I recognized the name of the town and just hoped it would be pretty. It was. A sort of mix of French and Flemish architecture and I enjoyed being able to speak French again. We found a lovely little restaurant on one of the main squares and afterwards just wandered around the town.

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