Marken, The Netherlands 14.03.2011

A good idea for a daytrip from Amsterdam to see a real Dutch fishing village it to Marken. Don´t bother paying for an expensive tour in a packed coach but catch the local bus from Amsterdam´s Centraal Train Station. It´s a perfect place just to wander around. The part of the village built around the harbour is good for a snack or for catching the ferry to Volendam in the summer months.

The more atmospheric part of Marken which is overlooked by tourists

 A typical building in Marken

If you walk away from the harbour and past a small church with cemetery you cross over the Wilhelmina bridge and into a part of Marken which I would say is the real part of the village. The alleyways are insane to wander around – the noises and smells at dinner time are unforgettable. If you have alot of energy there is a secret place to go, I call it the secret lighthouse. Walk directly through this real part of Marken with the Wilhelmina bridge behind you and pass the small feld where exotic birds are kept. You will come to a fork in the road…follow the bicycle path and keep walking for about 20 mins until you reach the lighthouse. Make a picnic here and watch the sun set across the Ijsselmeer. This location is a secret and very beautiful!

 The houses in the real part of Marken are painted black instead of green near the harbour

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