Tecklenburg, Germany 09.12.2011

I´ve spent a few wet, if not slightly depressing days in Tecklenburg, northern Germany. I shouldn´t have been so dumb as to think i´d be able to relive a weekend I had here a summer a few years ago. Then Tecklenburg was alive with marching bands and parks full of fern trees and little stalls selling icecream. Now it´s all foggy and damp and the buildings seem in a sorry state.

Tecklenburg plus grey skies

I´m very aware of something now about Germany. At first I thought it was just me. I´ve been to Germany quite alot of times and stayed in Hamburg and Berlin plus this second time in Tecklenburg. It´s happened a few times that i´ve been walking around with friends just talking away in English when suddenly an old woman, mostly 50 years and old will give me a really dirty look. I forgot about this, but it has been there at the back of my mind and then suddenly this thought was activated again when I was standing in line for a cash machine in Tecklenburg and the woman infront turned around after she was finished and gave me a kind of drop dead look. I don´t want to go into this thought pattern further but this is my perception and as it´s happened a few times I know it isn´t just me being hyper sensitive. I always have fun in Germany and I really like this country far more than places like France and Italy. I´ve met loads of older German women who are just adorable…….it´s just kind of odd.

Thankfully the thing that has saved this trip from being a damp disaster is the Christmas market over in a town called Osnabruck about ten minutes drive from Tecklenburg. Germans do Christmas really well, almost as if Christmas was made especially for Germany. They sell ginger bread cookies, gluhwine that has been warmed up, Christmas decorations and there are nice things for children like fairground rides. Next time I visit Germany I will save it for the summer months and probably go somewhere more mountainous. If you visit some German cities you need a vignette on the car windscreen or you will be fined…it has something to do with enviromental pollution…if you believe that!

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