Life in the Usambara Mountains, Tanzania 2012

lushotoTypical scene in Lushoto

My stay in the Usambara Mountains has been perfect. I wanted to fase out the noise pollution of modern life and in those days I couldn’t care less about what was happening in the world. We had a television in our room but it was never switched on, I actually loved the moments when there was an electrical blackout (which happens often in Lushoto) and would read by candlelight under the mosquito net. Sitting on the balcony at night watching the million stars and listening to the sometimes frightening noises from the animals in the thick rainforest.

View from room Morning view from our balcony in Lushoto. Half way up the hill is a blue building – that is the junior school.
Lushoto Mist floating across the hillside early in the morning.

In the mornings I would hear someone banging on a tin (the school bell) on the hillside and a short time later the laughter of children on their way to school. I was happy every morning I woke up in Lushoto watching exotic looking birds in the trees. Every morning I was excited about African coffee – a large glass of hot milk and a spoon of instant coffee. It was delicious. Instant coffee in Europe is awful but their coffee was so great I even bought some tins of it at the airport on the way home.  Breakfast was always the same, omelette, toast, watermelon and jam and as much coffee or tea as you could drink. If you are ever in Lushoto stay at the Tumaini – ask for room 118 as it really is the best room they have.

usambara from roadUsambara Mountains seen from the B1 highway